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Is something holding you back from the change you feel so ready for? Do you want to reach your goals, but don't know how to start? Is your career at a standstill, your focus not what it once was? Do you feel less productive?
You are not alone...
Work with me and together we'll introduce new tools to blow those feelings away, increase your productivity, and reignite your passion. You'll start goal setting with purpose and building the roadmap to get you there. With me, you'll have a safe environment to release limiting beliefs, introduce better focus and rediscover a greater sense of achievement. 

There are many ways I can help.  Here are just some of the areas I will focus on with you.  

  • Building well-formed outcomes to ignite motivation
    What exactly do you want to achieve? Where are you now in regards to this? How will you know when you have it? and What resources do you need that you do not have now? We will look at where you want to get to and by when.  Then we'll break it down into achievable steps that power your forward to your goal.
  • Enhancing communication skills
    To communicate better you have to learn to improve your listening skills.  We'll work on exercises to stop just 'listening to reply' and start actually hearing. Then when you do answer you'll have all the information you need. You'll learn about body language and facial expressions - essential to fully engage in successful communication.
  • Confidence building by improving your self-worth
    Do you sabotage your confidence with negative self-talk in your mind?  Do you worry about whether people like or even understand you? We'll work on changing that negativity, giving you tools to increase self-acceptance and improving how you take feedback.
  • Aligning your purpose with your goals
    We'll visualise what it will be like to align your thoughts, feelings and actions to your goals. Then you'll learn to let go of the things in your past that hold you back.  We'll take you out of your comfort zone and look at all aspects of your life including your environment, behaviour, skillset, and values. Then we'll bring it all together putting you back on track and aligned again with your purpose.
  • Building resilience
    Resilience is the ability to deal with the issues that life throws at you. I'll provide you with the right coping strategies, routines and thought processes to deal with whatever you need to.  No matter what you face you will always get back up and keep moving in the direction you want to.
  • Assessing your beliefs & values
    We will review your beliefs and values and identify what really are your priorities in life. For example family and friends, money, career, personal growth, health, relationships, leisure and your environment. This will allow us to put together what your top priorities are and that is what we will begin with you focussing on.




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The Ways I Can Help

Performance Coaching from Tony Gordon

Performance Coaching

Providing new resources & processes that reignite your motivation, ambition and passion to achieve your goals


Personal Development from Tony Gordon

Personal Development

We'll reduce stress and focus on taking control of your life.  You'll learn to stay focused, build confidence, and see clearly.


University Students from Tony Gordon

University Students

University is one of the biggest life upheavals.  Manage and master change, anxiety, exam stress, and more.  


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I am a certified wellbeing practitioner and coach, helping my clients achieve their personal and professional goals. The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify the core challenges and obstacles in your life, so that you can overcome them with confidence. I specialise in creating personalised plans and providing tools to guide you forward to achieve your desired goals.

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