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If you want to make changes in your life you have come to the right place.  When you have a growth mindset, you face challenges and look at how to overcome them.  You never give up.  You use learning to find solutions.  You know continuous effort will lead to success.
I am a growth mindset coach. I use a variety of coaching styles to set you off on the next stage of your life journey.  I also use hypnotherapy to achieve faster, long-lasting results for my clients.  By working with me, you will develop your own growth mindset to reach your goals.

The coaching I deliver takes a holistic approach engaging your mental well-being, emotional health, physical health, and social health.

Social health?

Yes.  It's something that you don't often see in coaching, but I have developed my own coaching/therapy style which considers the social part to be extremely important. We are not solitary beings, humans love to be in groups whether it is in the form of a family from birth, to friends we make at different points in our lives, colleagues, possibly teammates if you do sports, therefore, this plays a huge part in your overall health and well-being. 

So how does it work? 

Initially, we'll have a call to find out a bit more about each other.  I want you to understand what I can do as much as I want to understand what you want to achieve.  Once we are both comfortable that we are the right fit for each other we begin your journey.

Coaching should be a challenge; however, the gains are immense.  When you are working with me, we will learn from the enjoyment of the journey as much as the destination when we get you there. You'll learn new, exciting ways to overcome issues.  You'll collect mental and emotional tools that you can take away and use whenever you need them.  And of course, you will find an incredible sense of achievement as we celebrate each win you have no matter how small.  They all add up to take you to your destination.

Each journey is different and here are just a few of the places your journey can travel through.:

  • Educating you to look at the world from the inside out and not allowing external factors to be the main influence in your judgement.
  • Finding your purpose.
  • Crushing those limiting beliefs holding you back.
  • Accepting and growing to love your imperfections.
  • Embracing all feedback as a way to keep improving.
  • Learning to celebrate all your achievements.



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The Ways I Can Help

Performance Coaching from Tony Gordon

Performance Coaching

Providing new resources & processes that reignite your motivation, ambition and passion to achieve your goals


Personal Development from Tony Gordon

Personal Development

We'll reduce stress and focus on taking control of your life.  You'll learn to stay focused, build confidence, and see clearly.


University Students from Tony Gordon

University Students

University is one of the biggest life upheavals.  Manage and master change, anxiety, exam stress, and more.  


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I am a certified wellbeing practitioner and coach, helping my clients achieve their personal and professional goals. The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify the core challenges and obstacles in your life, so that you can overcome them with confidence. I specialise in creating personalised plans and providing tools to guide you forward to achieve your desired goals.

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